Creative by Association: A fool proof technique for boosting creativity…

A fantastic post from Lady Caroline for every creative person!


An essential part of the ‪#‎SharingItForward‬ message is encouraging artists to pool resources and share knowledge. I actively encourage every artist I come into contact with to join an artist group and stay involved. Now, I know some of you don’t buy into that. Some artists have a fear they will become too influenced by another artist’s work and it will hinder them from being truly original in their ideas. With all the kindness I can muster I say, “THHHPPPPP…. Nonsense.” Some of the most creative, artistic people I’ve ever known became amazing creatives because they were consistently exposed to art and culture. They didn’t become amazing creatives by shutting themselves off to other artists and their work. Creativity is the ability to make unlikely associations and connections. Artists NEED stimulation. It keeps skills fresh and focuses our artistic visions… If you can show me a budding, successful artist then I’ll show you an artist who exposes themselves to…

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