The Studio | Lala Zee Photography | Nanty Glo Pa

I’ve been meaning to share some photos of the studio, and finally got the chance to snap some over the weekend…

(c) Lala Zee Photography

A pullback of my shooting area. I am actually adding a second backdrop setup opposite this one so that I can have two different setups all ready to go at any given time.
Notice the padded chef’s mat on the floor.. That thing is your best friend during a long shoot! Especially if you’ve got achy knees like me…(c) Lala Zee Photography

Ahhh… the props! Ask any photographer about prop addiction, and they will tell you.. there really should be a photographers prop shopping addiction hotline, so that we might have somebody talk us out of buying just one more hat, or one more blanket! I don’t go anywhere without looking at everything and anything as a potential prop. But, you do want to keep things fresh and interesting, so adding to the prop collection is a must. Which also means never ending, shopping fun!  This is most of my collection, minus a few things. And well, minus all of the Christmas props! Which boy, did I ever add to that collection this past holiday season! (c) Lala Zee Photography

(c) Lala Zee Photography

Can you think of anything more adorable than a tiny little baby in a tiny little hat? Why of course not! That’s why I have an entire wall of little hats to choose from. From pink to blue, and everything in between. Lots of headbands, diaper covers, and tutus to choose from too! (not pictured)(c) Lala Zee Photography

Love, love, love my little vintage leather couch pictured above! (c) Lala Zee Photography

And, check out this sweet antique desk I picked up while out prop shopping! I have big Pinterest plans for this baby. She is getting a distressed teal makeover! I can only hope that I might be as crafty with a paint can as I can be in Photoshop!! 😉
(and I know, I know… I’ve got to get those sweet frames up on the wall!!)(c) Lala Zee Photography

I caught sight of myself in the mirror, as I was taking these studio shots, and realized just how funny I must look playing peek-a-boo from behind this thing! Haha.. I had just finished up a first birthday session, complete with cake smash! I do totally recommend these silly Shutter Buddies to you fellow photografriends! This Shutter Buddy is actually a gift from my sweet photografriend Serina, of Serina Sparkman. She was awesome enough to do a big prop destash giveaway just about a year ago, and I was the super lucky winner! She gifted so many awesome props to me, and you’ve seen many of them in my photos! As my prop collection grows, I am starting to get a good destash box going myself! And once I get it filled, I will stay true to my word and pay it forward! So exciting to think about how much fun that contest is going to be!! Can’t wait to fill that destash box up!

I hope you enjoyed having a look around my studio!

♥ Heather


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