Starting over..

After a complete rebuild of my website, I lost all posts from the old blog. And that’s okay, seeing how I only had one post. A tutorial on posing newborns. But, I was darn proud of that post! It took a while to put together the photos, and write the tut!

Time.. That is the reason I only had one post to begin with. It seems that by the time I get done everything that needs done on a daily basis, (and who am I kidding here; I never get EVERYTHING done!) there is never any time left for myself. I once enjoyed writing, and I want to make a point to set aside a little ‘me time’ even if it’s only once a week, to document the things I am learning or experimenting with. And, just to show off some of my fav sessions!

I am sure some non-photog related topics and photos will be shared as well. After all, i am a wife and Mommy too. And my little ones are the inspiration, motivation, and meaning in my life, and in my photography.

So, if you’re reading this, you might already just be interested enough to hear what I have to share. So, what are you waiting for? Follow my blog, so that I am not out here in the world wide web, talking to myself! 😉 



What do you have to say??

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